NEW DELIVERY SERVICE ADDED FOR OUR LOCAL CUSTOMERS: FREE LOCAL DELIVERY - with NO Minimum Spend -  This service is where we will bring your order directly to your door currently within 6 miles of Buckley, Flintshire at no extra charge and best of all there is no minimum spend, best of all, you can use the tracking above to track your delivery in real time by entering your order number 


If your order is a card or can be posted through your letter box then we will simply post it to you and take a photo of your door for proof of delivery, no one needs to be home or answer the door, we simply drop off and go

If your order is a Mug or larger items that is a parcel then the time slots is so you know when we are coming to deliver, each time slot is an hour time frame starting from 6.30am up to 7.30pm Monday to Friday and 10am till 12pm Saturday & Sunday

When the Pandemic eases off and travel restrictions are lifted we will be adding a bigger radius for local delivery service, current plan is 15 miles (subject to change) 


Simply order any item you like there is no minimum spend so you can spend as little as you want and order as normal and select (if you live within 6 miles of Buckley Flintshire) select FREE LOCAL DELIVERY as your delivery option

Then enter your email address, no need to sign up to an account you can checkout as a quest, then go to next screen, enter delivery address and select the DATE & TIME SLOT you wish your order to be delivered to you, up to 14 days times slots available

Then simply complete and pay for your order as normal

We will then contact you a day before your order is to be delivered to let you know your order is ready and will be delivered with you the next day within the time slot you selected

Use the TRACK YOUR ORDER tracking above to track your delivery in real time, a link will also be sent via email to you with the same real time tracking, this feature is for LOCAL ORDERS only and can not be used for any other order

If your order is a card or letter or large letter package and can be posted through your letter box then we will simply post your order to you and take a photo of your front door as proof of delivery, no need to answer as we won't knock on your door for these type of packages

If your order is a mug or small parcel package then we will knock of your door, wait for someone to answer hand over the package to you and leave, no signature is required


Will The Date & Time Slot Of My Order Be The Date & Time My Order Arrives? Yes, our one hour time slots will be kept as best as we can, this may differ based on weather conditions

Do I Need To Sign For My Package? No, we will take a photo for proof of delivery and your order will come with live GPS tracking, no signature is required

How Will I Know The Bike Courier Is From SHOP£SAVE? Our bike courier will be dressed in Black and Florescent Green clothing with a florescent green cycle helmet, if he knocks he will say its your mug order or what your package is order so you know its from us

Can I Pay By Cash Upon Delivery? Sorry no not at this time, we may offer cash on delivery at some point or allow other payment options upon delivery like pay via PayPal QR Code via your smart phone, at the moment we are keeping things contact free

Can I Check The GPS / ETA Location Of The Bike Courier On Day Of Delivery In Real Time? Yes, you can use the TRACK YOUR DELIVERY at the top of this page for real time tracking of your order on the day it is due to be delivered to you, you simply enter your order number as shown for tracking for real time tracking, for example, enter order number including / within tracking - 2790/040221/73 and it will show in real time where our bike courier is or near your location

Will My Order Be Delivered To My Address & Not To A Neighbour? Yes, we will use your post code and house number or house name  for delivery your order to you, our bike courier will have this on the bike SAT NAV set up with your post code and property number / name up to your front door

When Did SHOP£SAVE Start A Local Delivery Service? March 2020, our delivery service is a new business set up by SHOP£SAVE and is called CHAINLYNX DELIVERIES, this is a local delivery service for Flintshire residence and businesses

What Happens With My Order If I Am Not At Home When Delivery Takes Place? If your order is just a letter or large letter size and can br put through your letter box then it will be posted through the letter box, you do not need to be home for these type of packages, If your order is a mug or parcel package and you do not provide a SAFE PLACE for your order then we will attempt delivery an hour later if we can or attempt delivery the next day at the same time

Will My Order Get Damaged By Bike Courier? No, our bike courier is actually our boss / owner of SHOP£SAVE and he makes many of the orders, he has the bike and equipment to deliver many packages via bike and he drops off all our packages to Royal Mail by Bike and Bike Trailer and has done for 11 years, so all packages will arrive safe and on any given day, all packages and all orders will arrive with you in the same condition as they left here

Will My Order Be Packed In Packaging Like It Would Be With Royal Mail? No, they will be packed differently, cards will come sealed within cello and posted through your door, keyrings or any other large letter items will be packed differently than being within bubble envelope, mugs will come within there white gift box, glass and slates will be handed over to you by hand

Will My Order Arrive Late? No, it may arrive earlier depending on other delivery time slots for other customers in your area but never later than the time slot you requested, but if we are in your area early and have your order with us then we will contact you to ask if we can deliver early, but if your package can be posted then we will simply post this to you early

Can I Change The Date & Delivery Time Of My Ordered Time Slot? Yes of course you can, simply CONTACT US HERE  at least a day before your order is due to arrive with you and let us know, we will update your order for you and deliver on the new date and time agreed

Can I Order In Advance With Date & Delivery Time Slot? Yes, we offer up to 14 days in advance time slots so you can order anytime

I Have A Local Business Within Flintshire Can I Use This Service To Collect & Deliver My Orders Locally & Get Proof & GPS Tracking? Yes you can, we even have the easy process of ordering this service for your local customer within 6 mile radius of Buckley, SIMPLY CLICK HERE we will add more miles depending on how popular this service becomes

Will There Be More Time Slots Added? Yes we are hoping to add more, this is new delivery service, if more local customers orders then more time slots will be added, the current time slots are the times we know we can keep to with just one Bike Courier

If I Order Before Midnight On Any Day And The Date & Time Slot Is Next Day Given Then Will My Order Arrive On My Time Slot? Yes your order will, for example, if you ordered at 11.59pm on a Monday and select 6.30am time slot for Tuesday the next day, then your order will be made, packed and on the bike for delivery within that hour time slot, if your order needs more time for example if you ordered a slate, this would need to be cooled down before we can deliver it, so it may take an hour extra longer but we will still deliver next day if you select this option

Can I Request A Safe Place For My Order To Be Left At? Yes you can, this is not a problem, when on the order summary page on the checkout process, there is a option to add a SAFE PLACE on your order when you order from us, we will drop your order off at the safe place and take a photo for proof of delivery

When Did SHOP£SAVE Offer Local Delivery? We started this as a trail in March 2020 to Buckley area only and had really good feedback from this service, we extended the local delivery to 6 miles for 2021, if it stays popular then we will be extending the service to 10 miles and then 15 miles when lockdown ends and travel restrictions are lifted

I Live Just Outside The 6 Miles Radius Of Buckley, Can I Use This Delivery & Time Slot Method? We have added the 6 miles as default to see how popular this method will be locally, but if you live outside this radius for example within 10 miles then we will accept your request and deliver to you, simply CONTACT US HERE and let us know what your post code is and we will contact you back to confirm your okay to order with FREE LOCAL DELIVERY service

We will be adding more miles after the lock down and travel is lifted, current plan is up to 15 miles

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